Top 5 Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Cute Wallet Cases for Girls and Women

Hey guys and girls! Today, we’re going to recommend some of the must-have wallet cases and covers for the Galaxy S6 Edge+, Samsung’s latest big phone. Let’s get right into the suggestions. Nobility Handmade Classic Wallet Case for Galaxy S6 Edge Plus We’ll begin with this wallet, impact resistant, handmade case featuring an wonderful pattern expressing… Read More »

Why you Need to Protect and Accessorize your Apple Watch

So, you’ve just bought your new smartwatch, the Apple Watch. Congratulations. But there is a problem. Despite its high price tag, Apple’s watch has been shown to scratch and shatter easily. This luxurious watch can feel a bit delicate. It’s not totally waterproof, and it could have been designed to be more impact resistant. If… Read More »

Top 5 Unique and Cool Cases for the LG G4 – June 2015

Let’s take a look at five of our favorite LG G4 cases and covers. Ready? Let’s go! 1. INGRAM GRAM3 HEROES SHOCK-ABSORBING CASE FOR LG G4 While running busily through your everyday life, the dreaded thought of dropping your phone should be the last thing on your mind. With the INGRAM Gram3 Heroes Shock-Absorbing Case for… Read More »

Your mom will love this! 15% off Korea Hallyu cases to Celebrate Your Mom

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Top 5 New Galaxy S6 Edge Cases and Covers We Recommend

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge come out this Friday, April 10th. Today, we’re going to recommend five of the very best Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cases and covers that’ll be available immediately upon launch. Let’s get right it! 1. SECRET GUARDIAN STANDING WALLET CASE FOR GALAXY S6 EDGE With no more than 5 card… Read More »